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Rose Parade 2022: Route, Entries, Floats, Marching Bands, Equestrian Units & Lineup

Rose Parade is in other terms called Rose Bowl Parade. It gives all the Rose tournaments that take place on an annual basis. These events have been taking place since 1890. Typically, the parade is held on January 1st and begins at 8.00 am and ends at noon. Generally, the 2022 Rose Parade lineup at Rose is a colorful, loud, and lively parade. Its floats are dozens and contain equestrian units and marching bands.

Many people get to watch the parade, especially those in city streets. The watching process also takes place online through the aid of the free live and popular stream. In 2022, this parade will occur for the 133rd time and as usual, the day will be fabulous. In 2022, this unique event will be held in LeVar Burton.

The College Football Rose Bowl game takes place on the same day but at times gets to come one day before the Roses or Tournaments.

rose parade 2022

Parade Date

The day of the Rose parade is common as it takes place every 1st January. In 2022, this event will be on a Saturday.

Parade Route

The parade takes place in the Colorado Boulevard streets predominantly and it is in this location where the main grandstands lay. Besides, the participant’s formation area is located on the Tournament House front. Their start point is present at the Grove Orange Boulevard and Green Street corner.

From there, the parade proceeds at the Orange Grove north through the turn of the main view of Colorado Boulevard. After that, they will follow the Madre Sierra Boulevard, and later the parade will lastly take place in Villa Street. The seating area is ticketed while the grandstand area is reserved especially in the parade route. This implies every person needs to have a ticket to get the chance to have a sit at grandstands. The reservation of tickets takes place with the help of sharp seating.

Parade Entries

Generally, the Rose Parade takes place in a route with 5.5-miles and passes at Pasadena. Besides, the route consists of self-built, non-commercial, and commercial floats in the marching 20 bands and equestrian 18 units. The only vehicles allowed at the parade are only the vintage automobiles involved in the carriage of Marshal Grand Burton who is Pasadena mayor, Hall of Fame Rose Bowl Game Inductees, and Roses Tournament President.


Each of the float inches needs a cover by natural materials and especially flowers. The other kind of materials that one may use include roses, delicate flowers, bark, seeds, and leaves. Put them in vials of water individually. After that, these vials are set meticulously and perfectly in the float.

Marching Bands

A parade is never complete until there is a presence of marching bands. Generally, the Rose Wood parade never brings any disappointments when it comes to marching. The history is stories as the parade has an inclusion of military, university, college, and high school marching bands. The bands consist of bugle and drum corps, percussions, brass, and bagpipes bands.

Equestrian Units

Every parade consists of equestrian units which makes the difference in the Rose Parade. Each year, the parade consists of horse breeds with a wide variety. Besides, these consist of draft horses, miniature horses, Andalusians, Gypsy Cobs, and American Saddlebreds.

Again, riders guide in the display of different colorful costumes and special skills. It comes in a parade that guides in the honor of the different forms of traditional units.

Parade Rose Lineup

This list will take you through the 2022 Rose Parade participants. Therefore, have a look and get to learn who will be in attendance.

  • Apache Arcadia High School Marching Band located in Arcadia, California
  • La Primavera Banda de Musica in Santiago, Panama
  • American Honor Bands in the United States
  • Broken Arrow Price in Broken Arrow, Ok
  • Gold Marching Downington Band in Downington, PA
  • State University Georgia Panther Band in Atlanta, GA
  • County Mass Gibson Band in Dyer, TN
  • Marching Hebron Band in Carrolton, TX
  • High School Homewood Patriot Band in Homewood, AL
  • Unified School Los Angeles Honor All-District Band in Los Angeles in California
  • High School of Mora Mesa in More Mesa in CA
  • Marching Panthers Township O’Fallon High School in O’Fallon, IL
  • Roses Honor City College Pasadena College Tournament in Pasadena in California
  • Herald Trumpets City College Pasadena Tournament in Pasadena in CA
  • Roses Band Tournament of Salvation Army in Los Angeles in CA
  • Eichi Sendai St Ursula Honor Band in Miyagi, Japan
  • Aristocrat Bands Tennessee State University in Nashville in TN
  • Marching Triuggio Band in Triuggio in Italy
  • Marine Corps Composite United States West Coast Band in San Diego
  • Warrior Waukee Regiment located in Waukee in IA

Rose Queen

Nadia Chung is the 103rd named Rose Queen. Together with all the activities that will take place in the Los Angeles, Times high school journalists will also be there. They are located in the division of the school insider who is a company member of Contemporary and California Youth Ballet. They are interns who deal with Newsgroup outlets, debate teams, and the school speech of the president.

Besides, Chung guides in the study and planning of journalism and political science while in college. The great levels of their inspiration guide them to attend law school with the help of the attorney’s civil rights.

2022 Rose Parade Live Streaming and TV

In case you will not manage to go to the parade and still wish to follow the event, you can watch it live on the TV. The local TV by the name KTLA5 has confirmed that it will bring the event live. Besides, you may as well consider watching the event in other forms of live streaming media. More also, the other TVs all over the world will also bring a broadcast of this unique and withstanding parade.

Accommodation and Hotels

The 2022 Rose Parade lineup event takes place during the new year’s festive. As a result, many people are usually in Pasadena for celebrations. This implies most of the hotels are booked and getting a hotel or restaurant is usually a challenge. Thus, it is always best to make bookings early enough to avoid any form of inconveniences that are likely to arise.

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