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Rose Bowl Stadium: Everything You Need to Know (2023)

The Rose Bowl Stadium came into existence in 1922. Currently, it is recognized to be a Historic Civil California Engineering Landmark and National Historic U.S. Landmark. Besides, the design of this stadium was done by Myron Hunt who is an architect.

This architect is also known to have designed Henry Huntington’s and Ambassador hotel house. From time to time, the Rose Bowl Stadium has gone through expansions. At first, it was built in the form of a horseshoe. This stadium acquired a bowl shape in 1928 after the completion of the construction of southern stands.

Another thing, this stadium is the 15-largest stadium in the world. It can hold a maximum of 92, 542 people. In the United States, it is the 11th stadium and 10th in the NCAA stadium.

Rose Bowl Stadium

Located: Hermon Park (Arroyo Seco Park)
Address: 1001 Rose Bowl Dr, Pasadena, CA 91103
Phone: (626) 577-3100
Capacity: 90,888
Team: UCLA Bruins football
Construction started: 1921
Area: 10 acres
Opened: 1922
Elevation: 830′
Owner: Pasadena

Rose Bowl Game

🌹Rose Bowl Game refers to college football America’s postseason games. At first, it was played in the form of ‘Tournament East.’ This is a game that has been taking place on annual basis since 1916. In the first game, Michigan beat Stanford 49-0 and therefore became the national champion.

From that time, the Rose Bowl Game has taken home 19 Heisman trophies. Also, it has produced national 29 champions with an All-American 211 consensus. You will love the fact that it has been able to honor a college football of 117 legends through the induction process.

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Have Notable Games

Rose Bowl Game is known to have hosted the Big Ten and Pac-12 champions traditionally. From 2015, these games joined the Football College Playoff system which offered to make sure they host semifinal games after every three years. Additionally, this Rose Bowl works hand in hand with Sugar Bowl to give great services in their semifinal rotation.

In non-playoff times, Rose Bowl is known to make a host on Pac-12/Big traditional Ten matchups. The latest Football College playoffs took place on Jan 1, 2018. Their CFP-ranked and No.3 Georgia Bulldogs succeed in the beating of the CFP-ranked No.2 Oklahoma 54-48.

Rose Bowl Stadium picture


Since 1982, the UCLA BRUINS home stadium has been the Rose Bowl Stadium. Generally, in the past Bruins played different home games while at the Memorial Los Angeles Coliseum from 1928. There were Oakland raiders whose schedule helped in the movement of Coliseum since the 1982 NFL. Bruins won in Rose Bowl Games two consecutive times. Another thing, UCLA made participation in Rose Bowl five games.

On all the even years, Rose Bowl Stadium is dedicated to hosting the rivalry November game which occurs between the USC Trojans and UCLA through alternation with L.A. Coliseum. Besides, the UCLA-USC winner offers great forms of possessions with 295-pound victory bell brass from pacific railroad Southern locomotive. Besides the three USC consecutive victories, UCLA acquired a trophy after they beat USC in 2018 34-27. The whole series is led by USC by 47-32-7.

Statue of Jackie Robinson

On 1947 April 15, Jackie Robinson broke the color barrier on Major League Baseball. For this, he will be remembered forever. Just like UCLA Bruin, he made participation in safety and quarterbacks both in 1937 and in 1938. There are kickoff returns of 104 yards which is the longest in all the history of Rose Bowl Stadium.

Jackie Robinson statue was inaugurated in November 2017 at Rose Bowl Stadium. The officials term it as the statue which makes depictions of Robinson dressed in a football uniform.


Though Rose Bow Stadium majorly hosts the American Football Games, its venue is among the best-decorated places. Besides, their stadium hosts FIFA World Cup 1994 finals, FIFA Women’s World 1944 cup final, and Olympic Gold 1984 medal watch.

Thus, their avenues have the capacity of hosting three soccer’s major international championship matches. These world cup finals were found to be scoreless after they were given the extra time and opted to have penalty shootouts. Brazil won the game over Italy in the men’s final in 1994. Also, United States won the game over China in the women’s final in 1999.

In 1999, the photo of Brandi Chastain was all over the news after he won a penalty. Since then, he has been the women’s athletics iconic image. Twenty years later, Chastain got a bronze statue whose unveiling was done on July 10, 2019, in Rose Bowl Stadium.

This stadium as well hosted 2002, MLS 1998 Cup, and CONCACAF Gold Cup 2011 final. This stadium hosted the Los Angeles Galaxy home field who still holds their matches occasionally.


For the American pro football fans, their biggest game is Super Bowl. This is the National Football League annual championship game. In the current times, this super bowl takes place on the first Sunday in February. They are in other terms known as ‘Super Bowl Sunday’ which means American unofficial holiday. This Super Bowl is an annual sporting event that is the most-watched game in the world. In any given time that it takes place, an average of 100 million U.S. People watch it.

The Super Bowl has taken place in the Rose Bowl Stadium for five times. These Super Bowl XI took place in 1977 and Oakland Raider won over Minnesota Vikings as they scored 32-14. The other games are Super Bowl XIV in 1980, Super Bowl XVII in 1983, Super Bowl XXI in 1987, and Super Bowl XXVII in 1993.


The Rose Bowl Stadium is known to have hosted the gold medal Summer Olympics matches. These matches consist of 1932 track cycling and soccer which took place in 1984. Their Gold Medal 1984 Olympic soccer brought the best match between Brazil and France. They attracted 101, 799 attendances who can break the Olympic Games’ previous soccer attendance.


The gates of Rose Bowl Stadium are always open for visits. These guided tours give people the best learning historical experience and as well works as an outdoor excursion. Their tour guides guide the guests in the stadium scenes locations. These include stadium classic seatings with 1922 locker original room. The adult’s public tours cost $17.50 while kids pay $14.50. Also, the tours are open for private and educational groups and the VIP.

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